Friday, January 16, 2009

Borovnica, Slovenia

And I'll close this update of course with the last one of the republics and that is Slovenia...
Slovenia went thru a 10 day war upon its independence proclamation and eventually took the part of the winner in it. It was supposed to declare its independence the 26th June 1990, but it made a move and did it one day earlier, and i guess all this was the reason for the conflict, which was expected to happen either way.
Out of all the Yugoslav republics, Slovenia is the most prosperous and most modernized one. In a great part this is due to its closeness to other highly developed countries like Austria and Italy and either way, while during history Macedonia was under the Ottoman Empire while Slovenia was under the Habsburg Monarchy (Austro-Hungarian) and lets face it, that plays a great deal as well for the postcard, if it wasnt for it, i wouldnt have known that in Slovenia, there is a place called Borovnica. It wouldnt have caught my attention, unless in Macedonian, Borovnica actually means it seems kinda cute :)
I dont know about you, but i have a big problem regarding those berries in English...raspberry, blueberry, gooseberry, cranberry, many berries :) Thank God someone called the pomegranate a pomegranate...i couldnt have managed with another berry there : p

And those were the good old days of Yugoslavia...I miss them : /

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