Wednesday, January 14, 2009


One of the absolutely great cards i received during these past two weeks is my first card from Luxembourg, sent by Ksenia who went there on a short trip...i was surprised, amazed and immensly grateful when i found it in my mailbox!!
Luxembourg is one of those places in the world which give me a small headache, since the city's capital is also Luxembourg, and its so small, that its hard for me to comprehend that its actually a coutnry. But i think thats what makes it appealing to me :)

Luxembourg is a small landlocked country in western Europe, bordered by Belgium, France and Germany. It has a population of under half a million people in an area of approximately 2,586 square km. It is a parliamentary representative democracy with a constitutional monarch, ruled by a Grand Duke. It is the world's only remaining sovereign Grand Duchy.
Its historic and strategic importance dates back to its founding as a Roman Era Fortress Site and Frankish count's Castle in the Early Middle Ages.
Luxembourg is a founding member of the European Union, NATO, the United Nations, Benelux and the Western European Union. The city of Luxembourg, the capital and largest city is the seat of several institutions and agencies of the European Union.

Thank you Ksenia for the thoughtfulness and the contribution to my collection...I absolutely love it! :)


помаранчева мрійниця said...

Actually, Luxembourg isn't as tiny as some other European countries, compared to Monaco or Liechtenstein it's very big :)) Apart from the Luxembourg city, there are many small towns, old castles and beautiful landscapes.
They even have about 500km of railways in Luxembourg (I remember it, because I love trains), whichmeans that country isn't small enough just to walk from one border to another :))
By the way, the centre of Luxembourg city is a UNESCO site :)

Ana said...

Monaco and Liechtenstein DEFINITELY give me a headache...but for some reasons Luxembourg does also...most probably coz im not familiar with it, nor have ever visited it, so the image is a bit harder to grasp...well, ok, ive been to Monaco, yet i still have trouble with it :)

As for the UNESCO part, that i totally overlooked....thanks :) Ill label it straight away :)