Friday, January 16, 2009


As I already mentioned something above, Montenegro didnt declare its independence until just recently, when on 3rd June 2006, it separated from Serbia and became the 192 second member state of the United Nations.
Did you know that while being a part of Yugoslavia, all the republics had a town which had the name of Josip Broz Tito in it? For example, Montenegro's capital today, Podgorica, used to be Titograd (or Tito's town if we translate it). In Macedonia, we had Titov Veles which today remained as Veles only. In Serbia there was Titovo Užice, which today is known as Užice only. Then...hmmmm....there was also Titov Vrbas in Serbia, in the province of Vojvodina...while in the province of Kosovo there was Titova Mitrovica, which today is known as Kosovska Mitrovica. Bosnia had Titov Drvar, today known as Drvar, Croatia had Titova Korenica, and Slovenia had Titovo Velenje. Of course, with the decay of Yugoslavia, they were all soon renamed.
There were also many streets and squares within the cities named after him....and in Macedonia there was even one mountain peak,called Titov Vrv....but thats all gone now...

Regarding the card now, i really love this one. I think that my mum brought it to me but i cant make sure if it was the summer she went alone  there or from the times she went with my dad...
Anyway, on the card you can see some of the Montenegro Islands scattered in the Adriatic Sea.
Ive only been to St. Stefan, and i know it was somewhat exclusive to go there...and i know that i dont know how i managed but i broke the chair i was lying on on the felt embarrasing, since i was just lying on it and all of a sudden there was this crack and the chair hit the ground. I really wonder what does it take to be able to break a chair on a beach just like that...yeah, i dont really feel comfortable when i recall that...there, now you know one of my embarassing secrets :)

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Pinaypostcrosser said...

Wow! Montenegro Islands! I do not have any postcard yet from Montenegro. Perhaps someday.