Friday, January 16, 2009


Serbia's status with the independence is somewhat more complicated than the one of Macedonia, since first, Serbia and Montenegro were as one afterwards, Montenegro went solo, and eventually there was (and still is) a great big fuss regarding Kosovo's independence. I know its risky to talk of these issues, so i simply case you are truly interested in my own opinion than mail me or message me....

On this beautiful card here you can see some of the Serbian monasteries...on the upper part, you can see Ravanica and Stara Pavlica, while on the bottom, the monasteries Studenica, Bukovo and Pećka Patrijaršija.
Unfortunately, i dont have some data in my memory about visiting any of these, even though i had been to Serbia many times. All these are medival monasteries and Studenica and Peć are as well UNESCO whs.
Have I ever told you that during the war in 2001 in Macedonia, my dad had plans of us moving to Belgrade, coz the situation here was far from safe or stable. Well, I dont know why we never went, but there is my undestined living in Belgrade...

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