Friday, January 16, 2009

Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

This is one of those 'ancient' cards in my collection, but it came in so handy for this update since i have no other kind of cards from Bosnia.
Bosnia declared independence in 1992, 1st of March. What I mainly recall of Bosnia from back then is the war which lasted from 1992-1995. I was only 12 years old when all the hassle began and by the time then i had often heard on the news about a war going on here a war going on there, but when this one broke out, for the first time it felt real and so close to me (well, ive experienced the worst kind as well, of having a war in your own country, and i wouldnt wish that to anyone, not even my worst enemy...even though i wonder if i have such...anyone know of someone? anyone? report them to me :))
There is another thing i recall about Bosnia, and that is a children tv show/series with this little girl...and i know that once the war broke out, i was wondering what is she doing now, and whenever they would have shown images from Sarajevo, i would have wondered if she had been there or so....i cant recall the name of the program, so unfortunately i cant give more details, but i recall there have been numerous of fun and interesting children TV programms when i was much different from whats offered on  TV today....I mean, Teletubbies!!! Por Favor!!! Turn of the tv or take your children out of the room...for their own sake!


EddieGunner said...

heya, see story about little girl hmm i was thinkin what can be but only thing that comes up my mind is Memooar Porodice Milich, but most of i memebr thr was that fish Cin aqarium that had some thoguht about everything hapenning in house ????

Ana said...

ne ne, nije bilo Memoari Porodice Milić...ovo je bila jedna devojčica koja je kao na neki način pretstavljala Sarajevo...šetala gradom i pričala o zbivanjima il tako nešto...jednom znam je nešto protestirala, pa nosila oko vrata jednu veliku tablu, bilo ispisano nešto, i tako šetala ulicama...bila je baš simpatična, i imala tako smeđu il crnu kosu, pravu, do ramena...:)