Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Christian Valentinussen, Denmark

For quite a while I was worried for receiving no officials, and then i got 4...two at the end of the year, and other 2 during this my ratio is again in my favour....29 : 31....and few days ago i was in the mood to send some so i decided to pull out some addresses....and of course, first got USA, then Finland...then Germany....there is no greater deja vu :)....So since they were already out, i decided to pull out another one...and it went to France...and while stuck with all the work, i said to myself, lets use the whole capacity of 6 im able to send right i pulled two more...China and Italy...the Chinese one is worrying previous one to there has been expired for a while now and the user is active....well in case you are from one of the following countries, who knows, maybe one of my cards will end up in YOUR mailbox ;-)


One of the officials i got is from Denmark, which makes it my first official from there! And its an unusal card, since its again definitely different from anything else i had received so far.
it shows a painting from a Danish painter called Christian Valentinussen (1903 - 1985).
I dont know how exactly this painting is called, but from what ive read, there are several of his works which relate with fishermen and the beach and the sea.... so my guessing its that its one of those, i just dont know which one....if anyone could provide me with an answer, id be more than glad

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