Saturday, January 24, 2009


And another great card for today...a map-card from Australia! So just as my flag collection is growing, just as the number of the countries in my collection is growing, so does the collection of my map cards! Problem is, all this 'growing' just makes me feel more and more addicted to postcards than i already am....that aint good :)

Well, as most map cards, this one as well shows the bigger cities/places and their significant features.
Ive never been to Australia and i dont know if its due to its remoteness or something else, but i dont have an itch to go there....though if for example, right now someone came and gave me a plane ticket to Australia and a ticket for the Australian Open, i would go there without thinking...or for the F1 Grand Prix in March....and speaking of would never ever guess what i received today!!! Unless ive already told you about it :) But today was a great postcard day...and this card just made me smile from ear to ear!
Its unbelievable how such small things can sometimes add so much significance to your ordinary dark days :)

see you soon!


Anastasia said...

I've got the same card! did you get it from Lukewen, didn't you? :)

Ana said...

It is from Lukewen indeed!!!! :)))))