Saturday, January 24, 2009

Les Arcs, France

I got this card as a total surprise...from Valerie who spent her winter holidays here...and i was totally stunned..
I recall i got many postcards that was on that Sunday when the postman came when i get many cards i have this tendency to actually pick them all from the mailbox and look thru them from the back first, so i see which one comes under what i was going thru the back and when i came at this one, i started reading, and the first sentence was "The moment i saw this card, i knew i had to get it for you"! And thats when i turned to see it on the front, and thats when me and this card met face to face and when i simply melted!
I know that there are many thouhgtful people out there, but they keep amazing me and surprising me each day with their thoughtfulness!
I have several cards in my favourites with this same adorable kitty, sitting in its chair, and each card shows a different place in France, and says "Sieste aux/en...". I didnt know about the existence of this one in particular, but that doesnt mean at all i dont like it...on the whole contrary, i totally love it, and if possible, i would love to have each and every card from France with this far ive seen them from Avignon, Provence and Pont du Gard...if anyone has them or if there are some other French places presented this be more than delighted to trade with you!!!

Thanks Val for this one...luv ya!

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