Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Wroclaw, Poland

Hey, have you noticed that new blogger option which lets you choose a location? the one in compose mode, just on the left side from the works with google maps and you can choose whichever place you want....since its new, im not sure how is it gonna work with my cards, but im certainly eager to give it a try....though i will stick to the standard labels as well...

This card comes from Ksenia, who is in charge for my Wroclaw postcard collection :)
I really like the size of the card....long and thin.....feels interesting for the eye to view the cathedral through this kind of a card-size
This is the Ukranian Cathedral in Wroclaw, which was built as a Roman-Catholic church in the 13th century, but now is the cathedral of the Ukranian-Greek Catholic Church.
hmmm, i find that combination somewhat odd....Ukranian-Greek, yet resides in Wroclaw...but there, you'll get to learn all kinds of things through the postcards :)

Thank you VERY much Ksenia for the absolutely great card...I just love it!

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