Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Iloranta, Finland

The second card from this RR comes from Sabrina in Finland (btw, Sabrina, what happened to your blog??!)
Its a lovely huge card showing Iloranta...

Iloranta is a holiday area in Finland and as Sabrina says on the card, it means "Lucky Beach".....mmmm, nice name for a place :)
I really like the nature portrayed on the card....feels so peaceful...winterish and cold but nice :)
For some reason when i look at the card i feel the scent of an apple tea...with rum.....dont ask me why coz frankly i dont know either but looking at the images i just feel that scent in the air :)
And another thing i have to point out about this card, is the stamp....Ive already shown a card with a Kimi stamp...but ill have to show it again....coz Sabrina actually cared to make sure the card was gonna have a Kimi stamp, coz she knows i would love that....and really, is there a better way to make a Finnish card complete than with a Kimi stamp! 
Thank you Sabrina a lot, both for the lovely card and for the consideration on what stamp to put...its the thoughtfulness which means so much to me :)

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