Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Ustyurt, Kazakhstan

I know that with today's post im gonna break the rules...well, it aint some big rule disobedience....its my own rule about the way of posting cards and how i dont post cards from the same country until a certain amount of time/posts passes in between....but today i will deviate a bit from that rule, for a simple reason, coz i just feel that these cards belong together and should be posted together...they all come from The Slavic Countries to the Rest of the World RR i took part in recently, and since i have received all the cards from my group, i want to post them together, coz they form a whole.....and i want to thank everyone else in the group for making it a really enjoyable RR :)

And this RR enriched my collection for one new country!!! Which makes it country number 87! Hmmm, 100 doesnt seem THAT far away actually....maybe ill host a small celebration here when i receive it :)
And that new country is Kazakhstan!!  Im sooo glad to have received this one...coz once i had received it, i realized how ignorant i had been about this place in general and knew scarcely anything about it...and moreover i was actually under the influence of some general stereotype about it....hell, was i WRONG!!! And im really sorry about that....but there is always a chance for retaking the exam...and here is mine :)

I was stunned at how beautiful this place is! Its just amazing!! And has such great postcards that i even envy them :)
The card shows Ustyurt, which is a desert plateau, and is 1/2 in Kazakhstan and 1/2 in Uzbekistan between the Aral and Caspian Sea.
It extends roughly 200,000 km², with an average elevation of 150 meters, and consists primarily of stony desert. The plateau’s semi-nomadic population raises sheep, goats and camels.
Well, even though this place belongs to both Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan, ill label it as Kazakhstan only, first of all coz it came from there, second, the back of the card says Kazakhstan, third, Jo, the sender, she lives in Kazakhstan, so i dont find it appropriate to label it under Uzbekistan....though it would be very nice to have a card from there too :)
Thank you Jo a REAL lot for adding this splendid cardto my collection!!!


Sheila said...

How wonderful to have a card from such an interesting place. I need to find out about this RR. I don't know what it is. Is it from Postcrossing?

Gem from Calgary said...

Ana, I'm jealous of your Kazakhstan card. You are very lucky. Just between you and me, Jo has sent me a card, it just hasn't arrived yet. But I wait knowing it is on its way.

Sreisaat said...

Hi Ana, I was here earlier but for some reason I could not click on your comment section... anyways, yes, I would love to swap postcards with you :) Let me know your postal address soon, okay? Another yes, add me as you please :) I am also going to add you in my link list.