Friday, December 12, 2008

Sydney, Australia

I got this card in the UNESCO-tag thread....when one gets terribly busy and doesnt have much time for arranging swaps or making blog updates, he or she gets addicted to tags so they keep him or her sane and provide the required postcard-dosage....which is nothing but an indication that im addicted to postcards....heh, as if the rest of you reading this, arent ;-)
This card comes from Yvone in Australia, and this picture is actually a photo take by her husband...and then they convert their photo into postcards...which i think is great...especially since it makes me somewhat privileged to know i have received something more unique :)

The card shows the Sydney Opera House, and one thing that made me shiver and gave me the creeps was that, Jørn Utzon, the Danish architect who designed the Opera House had died just 2 weeks ago, or at the time this card was sent to me...He died having never returned to Australia to see the completed opera house.  Now, isnt this sad??!

The thing i really like about the card is the Queen Victoria coming into the image...makes it a somewhat different aspect from the Sydney Opera House pictures im used the ship's grandiousness, just gives an extra feeling :)

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