Monday, December 15, 2008

Saint - Michel Mount, France

I got this card as a RAS sent from a lady in France but on the behalf of someone else...i was really happy and totally surprised to find it in my mailbox....its really thoughtful....and even though i got it time ago, the thoughtfulness somehow manages to soothe me on such a hectic day...and ive also started receiving my first christmas cards from some very dear people, but you wont get to see them until after New Year actually...sorry :)

This very beautiful image comes from The Saint-Michel nightfall.
It is a rocky tidal island and a commune in Normandy, France. This year it celebrated its 1300th birthday!

Rising from a hazy expanse of sand and waves, Mont Saint-Michel appears like Man’s defiance of the elements and of time. A rock lost in a landscape smoothed by the wind.

The long history of Mont Saint-Michel is thought to date back to 708, when Aubert, Bishop of Avranches had a sanctuary built on Mont-Tombe in honour of the Archangel. Through the centuries, Mont Saint-Michel has accumulated a long heritage, and is listed by UNESCO as World Natural and Cultural Site since 1979.

For its 13th centenary, conferences, concerts and exhibitions are organized, and a major photo exibit was displayed both inside and outside the abbey church from the 2nd of June to the 11th of November. Many conferences were organized on the question of the future of Mont Saint-Michel, which is part of the biggest renovation project ever undertaken in order to restore its maritime character ( Mont-Saint-Michel is surrounded by a magnificent bay, which is the theatre of the greatest tidal ranges in Europe, a grandiose spectacle. )

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