Monday, December 15, 2008

Russian North, Russia

this card comes from the cold Russian North...well, the name itself Russian North, i associate it with a cold wind blowing...

The National Park "Russian North" was established on March 20, 1992 in the Kirillov District, Vologda Oblast. Here one can step back in time to an era of tranquillity. It is situated on the watershed of the White, Baltic and Caspian basins. The Park is famous for its beautifully combined natural and cultural landscapes, which let us trace the history of economic and cultural assimilation of the Russian North.
The national park was developed in the mesolithic epoch. One of the first settlements in the Russian North dates back to 5000 B.C. The settling continued in the late Stone Age. There are 20 monuments dating from that period within the territory of the Park. All the historic epochs remained their traces: over 90 archaeological monuments are restored to their original appearance. Many of them are located in close unity with the spectacular beauty of the nature and historic environment.
The peculiarity of the Park consists in the vicinity of the wildlife which is unique in its beauty, with the ancient monuments of history and architecture.

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