Saturday, December 20, 2008

Philippines (08)

The last post for today shows another one of the set of the Philippines' maps...this time showing the island of Palawan

So, as usual, in short, ill just tell you what the pictures here show, first the left group of pictures, then the right one:
1. El Nido;  2. Arreceffi Is., Honda Bay; 3. Diving in Tubbatha Reefs; 4. Local Fisherman on offshore of Busuanga Is.; 5. Coron Is.; 6. Sunset over Palawan; 7. Batak tribe; 8. Jeepney, public transporation in Palawan; 9. 1667 Spanish Fortress in Taytay; 10. Underground River

i should be back to work now, no?  huhhh, if i just didnt feel in such a need of not doing it....