Monday, December 15, 2008

Route 66, USA

I told you time ago, that once i know that i will be attending that DM concert i will commemorate it with a Route 66 card...
Well, here is a Route 66 card, so you know what that means :)  Yup...Ana is going to see DM in Belgrade 20th of May 2009!
Now i know you wonder why the lack of warmth and excitement while writing this....well, until i get to hold my ticket in the hand...and until i get to get inside the venue...i cant be still....thats just me...i always feel something can go wrong with things like this, so until i see it and feel it with all my senses, i cant be sure :-(
My dear cousing had reserved/bought the tickets...just that the actual ones will be delivered sometime in April...right now she just has the proofs that she has paid for it and all, but the physical tickets wont be available until then...i just hope the management behind this whole thing wont screw something up....

here is Enjoy the Silence...this got me into DM...this song breaks my emotions to million pieces each time i hear it...this song totally strips me down emotionally when i hear it live...this is an eternal, undying anthem....these are Depeche Mode...the one and only Depeche Mode

i have never cried to a song as i did to this one when i watched DM live in Sofia, 21.06.2006...NEVER!!

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