Monday, December 8, 2008

Puerto Rico

Here comes a great Puerto Rican card, showing both the flag and the Puerto Rican coat of arms...

Not so long ago, i tried to figure out why even though in its original name it says Puerto Rico...with two separate words, here in Macedonia we have blended them into one and have Порторико (transcribed it would be Portoriko) ...the same would be with Costa Rica (Костарика)....and Viet Nam (Виетнам)....even though  the latter is also accepted in English as Vietnam, and is somewhat common to see it that way...yet, the original is Việt Nam....and if everything goes as it should, i should be having a Vietnamese postcard soon :)

Anyway, as Addis says, my Puerto Rican postcard supplier, the island was originally named "San Juan Bautista" (St. John the Baptist) and the capital city was Puerto Rico (Rich Port) and later in the history the names were switched.....heh no wodner for so many years then i was mislead by Vaya con Dios and thought that Puerto Rico was a city...i apparantely had good grounds for it :P So i wasnt THAT mistaken :)))

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