Monday, December 8, 2008

South Carolina, USA

And, dear Gaby  managed to surprise my mailbox again....with a lovely lighthouse postcard!

South Carolina Lighthouses

For centuries lighthouses have been elected to protect ships and guide them safely away from low shoals. Each lighthouse has individual markings making it readily identifiable from a distance. Advancements in technology have replaced many of the lighthouses, however many are operational and most are open to tourists and visitors providing a historic view of times gone by.

Gaby pointed out that on the card there is a lighthouse called "Bloody Point"....heh...very peculiar...but on the other hand i like it...reminds me for whatever reason of the Twin Peaks series :D And a gloomy cloudy atmosphere, with rough seas and dark blue skies and a hissing wind......and you just dont wanna e there when the nght falls...once im done with the update, ill google and see if there is any info of why is it called like that ....i got intrigued :)

Thanks a bunch always!

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