Monday, December 8, 2008


And the first card for today comes frooommm CYPRUS!!!!! Which makes it a totally new country in my collection! Yup, this is my very first card from Cyprus, thanks to Sylvia!
Syliva is one of  those people to whom i owe a message...but really, how can i message someone with 'hi your lovely card arrived, thank you' when Sylvia herself is a coffee addcit as well?! See my point? There is always something extra i wanna tell people, something we have in common, something that they had said and which had intrigued, this whole collecting postcards thing is not only about what you get on the front but also what you get on the back....and thats what makes this so meaningful and makes me stalk the postman...and  the ladies in the post-offices in hunt for stamps...which are always lacking...and the ladies at the stores which sell postcards, which are terribly scarce...but im managung :)
And im having a nice mug of coffee right now...even though its 11pm...i like drinking coffee at night...coz things around are more quiet then and the coffee itself feels different than the one you drink in the morning or afternoon for a cup of coffee at these hours, at the pc, with some nice music in the background, when you dont have to worry much about deadlines and all...feels just amazing....and Robert Smith's voice for some reason goes perfect with coffee...not maybe all The Cure songs, but most of them do...right now its "Homesick"....
I know i havent said a single word about the card...but i sometimes i just get inspired in a different way...hopefully this wont be my first and last Cyprus card, so ill get to tell you something more about it in the future....

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