Saturday, December 20, 2008


My first EVER Garfield card and im soooo happy about it!! I absolutely love Garfield and when i saw this card offered in one of the tags i immediately knew I HAD to have it! Such a chance couldnt have been missed!
Im not sure if whats written here is in Estonian (since the card was sent from there) or maybe Finnish ...they look somewhat similar to me, but a translation with anyone familiar with the language would be greatly appreciated :)
Why I love Garfield? I dont know...makes me laugh, his way of life, his attitude to it, his sense of humour, his laziness (which probably reminds me of myself)...the relation between him and John, the relation between him and Oddie....altogether its just something to enjoy watching or reading...i may be preferring the cartoons over the comics simply coz they last longer....but comics are great as well and i have a whole archive of them...and id like to share some of them with you...hopefully ill get more Garfield cards in the future, so ill share more comics with you...if you have any Garfield cards can you please, pretty please send them to me? You have no idea how happy you'd make me with that :D

Ok, i dont know if you've heard about this Garfield without Garfield first i was totally against it and very skeptical, but soon i got to love it...of course, i would never give up on Garfield himself, but as a story by itself, Garfield without Garfield is a real psychology of man's loneliness and alienation and the inability to fit into the this case, all of that portrayed through Jon
Sorry for the too longish picturesque post...but i just enjoy Garfield :)

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Katts said...

that means "I am coming"
or I am flying to you :P