Monday, December 8, 2008

Here I am! :)

Yup, exactly! After almost two weeks of silence i am back here :)
Well, usually when i get to "disappear" for a while i tend to first give a rant of excuses of why i havent been able to make any updates here and i tend to do it along with the first posted card...well, i thought that its actually more convenient to do it separately, so first of all you can just scroll down to the next post instead read thru it all so that you get down to the line where the story about the card begins, and also it feels neater and cleaner this lets face rants always feel so endless that compared to the story about the card, the card just feels insignificant :)
Soooo...where ive been this, well, ive been around, and uber-busy...whenever i disappear from here its coz im busy and have a lot of work to do, and i always say  how "this is the busiest ive ever been"...and i know i said last time that live has been never so overloaded with work and blah blah blah...well, my friends, compared to this time, last time cant even come close to general, when i have a lot of work, i do skip in here and make a small update and all...this time i felt physically incapable for it...first of all, regular working schedule extended a lot...On Monday and Wednesday ive been workin from 8am till 9:30pm...yeah, you;ve read it thats almost 14 hours of being outside the house...Fridays, which i had free, now i had to work from 8am till 4pm and afterwards go to my German again, no home sweet home until at least 8pm....Tuesday and Thursday were slightly more relaxing, but just slightly, having in mind how much Monday and Wednesday would exhaust me, i would have given anything to be able to oversleep Tuesdays and Thursday...and as usual, working weekends...i think that i havent had a day off in the last 4 months...there is ALWAYS something that needs to be done, and there are always some deadlines..and frankly it feels really stressfull to be working under deadlines...
But...after sleeping just two hours last night, i can finally say that one of the HUGE tasks that has been stalking me lately is finally DONE!! Yaaayyy!! You just have absolutely NO Idea how relieved i feel...i can finally BREATHE!! Really! I feel as if i had been imprisoned for a long time and now they had let me go into the fresh air and i can breathe breathe breathe!! I havent felt this relaxed in months!! Its not that i have no work to do now.. i actually do...but leaving this big task behind me feels sooooo soooo relieving that i cant explain it! Even though i had slept just two hours last night and my eyes are somewhat closing, i dont wanna go to sleep coz for the first time in a long while i have some time for MYself and for the things i urge to do, like take care of this place of mine...yup i have sooo much urged to be here, and i just hated it that for a long while each time i opened it I saw the same image...well, it is a nice image actually, i love that Belarus card...but it just bothered me a big deal that i had no time to make any kind of an update...even a tiny tiny little one..I mean look at the amount of text i had just would have been unthinkable to do it until today :)
 Well, for the time i hadnt been here, i got a lot of nice postcards and as usual, i couldnt have let you know about it...Im not justifying myself or anything, i dont like it at all...but sometimes its just really impossible...especially since im one of those people who want to write more than just one line...i like to make it more personal, i like to say why i liked the card or make a comment about something written to me, or, if it was one postcard i probably would have managed, but when you pull out 10 postcards out of your mailbox, thats when the problems begin...and those 10 end up being 15 by the end of the week, and then 20, and they are just piling up...and right now i owe a huge number of such usual...well, ill do my best to write to each and every one of you in the following days.unless i get stuck in some working madness again
Btw...i definitely need a new pc...particularly a proved to be necessary during the past weeks....well, the problem with me is that i have to first love it on the outside, and then i get down to the characteristics (im trying to figure out if i do the same with men)
I found one, for which my heart goes upsi-dupsi (or whatever it should be in English :)) If there is a perfection for how a lap-top should look on the outside, then its this one..performances are also ok...if just the keyboard wasnt really doesnt fit in the whole image....some sort of silver would have been not thats what put me off from buying it.....
but if there is something you can recommend me, which looks like this one the outside, with more or less the same characteristics and for a reasonable price, im open for suggestions
here it heart beats for the blue one :

just..if possible, no Vista for me, please :)

ok...i think its about time to get down to the cards, no....though i still feel i have a lot of things left unsaid...

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