Saturday, December 20, 2008


Here is one of the several flag cards i had received just recently, all in the time span of like 1 week! What a treat! I thought of posting them all at once, like having a flag-card-day....but in order that you dont get bored, esp. if you arent fond of flag cards, i decided to split them and post them over several updates.

On a red field, a white equilateral cross whose arms are one sixth longer than their width. The relationship between the span of the cross and the width of the flag has not been established, but in practice the ratio is about 2:3 or 7:10.
The Swiss cross on a red field ultimately derives from a similar banner of the Holy Roman Empire, and thus has strong Christian connotations. The Swiss flag traditionally stands for freedom, honour and fidelity. (The motto "Honor et Fidelitas" was inscribed on the cross of several Swiss mercenary flags of the 18th century.) In modern times, through association with consistent Swiss policy, the flag has also come to denote neutrality, democracy, peace and refuge.

While Swiss independence and democracy traditionally dates from 1291, people are often surprised to learn that the national flag in its current form dates only from 1889. Modern variations of the flag can be said to go back to 1815, and the original Confederate white cross on a red field dates from the 15th century. Its inspiration perhaps goes back to the 4th century.
It is evident from its history that the Swiss national flag evolved from war flags, which is why it is square. (on the card though, its rectangular, and takes the shape of the postcard :)

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