Tuesday, November 18, 2008

South Africa (02)

Ok, i think that this card is pretty self-explanatory

It sounds more like a gang-slang to me than as an official language.

South African English has a flavour all its own, borrowing freely from Afrikaans - which is similar to Dutch and Flemish - as well as from the country's many African languages, with some words coming from colonial-era Malay and Portuguese immigrants.


Gabby Girl said...

I met a South African in China, and he said my bru in like every single sentence!

Linn said...

I used to write via snail mail with a girl from South Africa. Once, she sent me a letter in Afrikaans. Very interesting to read, especially because it's so similar to Dutch. They use a lot of words that are very funny for us Dutch-speaking people.

Ana said...

I still cant get used to that this is how they actually speak in South Africa...i wonder how it actually sounds to be hearing that....i should either find a South African around here or a South African radio/tv station....really, im intrigued :)