Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Amish People, USA

My first ever Amish-related card!!! Im soooooooooo glad about it!
My whole interest in the Amish culture started a few years ago. At work with one group of students we had to do a text about the Amish....that was (im ashamed to admit it) my first ever contact of something related to the Amish culture...but immediately caught my attention and made me really interested in it. Why? Well....i was amazed and astonished at the fact of a group of people who are against all modern technology, the simple kind of life they lead, the way they dress, no use of cars, the prohibiton of having personal jewellery, their contatc with the rest of the world...and yet, this is all happening in the USA!! That was the most stunning fact for me I guess...I mean, if it was some nation living on a small island somewhere, or some tribal people living in the mountains, deserts or so, it wouldnt have been strange at all...but to have such people living in one of the most industrialized places in the whole world, was really shocking to get to know! So ever since then ive been really interested in their culture and religion...i just find it fascinating in the today;s modern world...frankly, there is no way that i can imagine myself without a computer, phone, electricity for whatever i need it....coffee!! Do they drink coffee? or they also put their meals to a simple level?
All in all, i find it amazing...and interesting to read and get to know more about them
Alex, the sender of the card says that the Amish are the sweetest, most gentle people......doesnt surprise me.
I do admire their religion, but i dont think i would EVER be able to live like them.....this shows how much modern technology has made us dependent on it...and how much the modern world has alieanted people....and there is no turning back :(( 

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