Friday, November 14, 2008

Paralia, Greece

A card given to me (it says on the back "Im sorry i didnt send it as you wanted me to, but i feel more secure this way") by my dear friend Biljana back in 1999....well, i know by default, you expect me to speak something about a card or so...but the reason why im putting this card is coz today my dear Biljana gave birth to a baby daughter!!

I could've maybe put some card with a baby or so...but i just really wanted to commemorate it this way, but putting something personal I have from her...this is actually the first time that a friend ive known for so long and so well, has a baby...there are many friends or acquantances out there who have got married had babies or even managed to get divorced...but there is just a small circle of people i have which I consider real friends and who are dear to me in a special kind of way...and Biljana is among them...ive known her since kidnergarten, which i actually find it amazing!!
You know, i actually have the desire to spoil this child in a nice manner :)))  I dont know any details about the little lady yet, but i think that once i get to see this new being full of life, ill post again a card from Biljana and accompany it with a further story regarding all this.
As for now, i can just say that regardless this whole day was a real mess and makes me dread about tomorrow due to some personal issues, and leaves me a lot of suspision and tension....this news just goes beyond it all and makes me feel just so...hmm, i dont know....happy and excited and looking forward to spoil the kid...well, they dont really live far away, so i think ill have the chance for that ;-)
Be Blessed you little girl!!!

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