Friday, October 3, 2008

West Loch Tarbert, Scotland

I love this card coz its simple but beautiful...the scene feels really tranquil, and the water is so nice and still...

This place is called West Loch Tarbert, if it means anything...if you have no idea what it is (as me, before befriending google) then keep on reading for a bit
West Loch Tarbert is a sea loch that separates the northern and southern parts of the island of Harris in the Outer Hebrides of Scotland. A small isthmus joins these two areas, on which is to be found the village of Tarbert. The loch contains the islands Soay Mor, Soay Beag and Isay while Taransay lies near the mouth of the loch.

while we are here, id like to actually give an insight into the 'loch' me its been confusing for a long time, coz ive always related it to the Loch Ness to me, 'loch' was actually a part of a name of a place...well, 'loch' actually stands for a body of water which is either a lake or a sea inlet, which may be also a fjord, a firth, an estuary or a bay.
so, 'loch' isnt only a part of a name of Loch Ness...but it actually is a Scottish word for a lake or the other above mentioned water-related-places


juhlapuu said...

Hei Ana!
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Pinaypostcrosser said...

Hello Ana!
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