Friday, October 3, 2008

Sidi Bou Said, Tunisia

A card my friend Marija brought me from her summer holiday in Tunisia...hmmm, i have two friends called Marija, who have participated in sending/bringing me cards...this is Marija Dz.....the other one is Marija general, we distinct them by their last names...but here, it feels way too official to actually call my friends by their last name, so ill leave it as it is

I cant recall what year exactly she went there...but for sure it wasnt in the past 3 or 4 years, coz we actually didnt really keep in touch during then...she is a friend i met at the university, during the preparing sessions for the entrance exams...eventually we had a gap of contacting each other and all, but since several months ago, we got back in touch and we've been hanging out regularly ever since...and i have to say i like it....due to a chain of events and personal issues, i had lost contact with many people, never really bothered about it, but now i realize ive really missed some people, and im really glad that they are back into my life...and i truly promise, i will try my best not to let that friendship go astray again...of course, those things need to be mutual, but i think that if what we have now, wasnt mutual, we wouldnt have had it at all....yeah, im getting sentimental, but trust me...this aint even close to how sentimental i can actually get :)

btw, on the card among other things, Marija says that they are at an ass-kicking hotel, and that they are drinking "unbubbles mineral water"....wanna take a guess what it actually stands for? :)) and no, it aint a mistake by Marija, but by the Tunisians actually :)

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