Thursday, October 2, 2008

Sleeping Coala, Australia

This cold is definitely catching up with me, and i actually feel much worse than the last time i complained about it....the worst thing about it is that i still need to go to work....i hate going to work like this...especially since im like "on the target" all the time by the students...
Nevertheless, ive just dispatched an entire box of peanut-cookies, all by myself...couldnt help it...they were so crunchy and delicious...and ive found myself the excuse since im ill and im taking all this medicine, my food intake has to increase as well so it can help me get better soon :P  Yeah, i know....overruled :))

I got this card from Bernie in Australia....and I so so so much love it...this sleeping koala is just soooo incredibly cute...looks so peaceful...and i dont know if that "chair" below is built-in specially for this purpose or the tree itself just had some branches grown out like that...either way, feels as a perfect place for this sweet little creature to take a nap
I would like to cuddle a koala...looks tempting to be squeezed :)

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