Thursday, October 2, 2008

Montana, USA

ive been anticipating this map for quite a while, and here it is!

Again, not the usual facts and trivia on the back, so we'll go with what there is

Montna is 147,138 square miles populated by 799,065 friendly people (1990 census). From Glacier National Park to the the north, to Yellowstone National Park to the south. This is a land of shining mountains, wildlife, cowboys and blue-ribbon trout streams.
Caution: Visitors to Montana may be habit forming

Hm, i really dont get the context of that "caution" thing

from the front though, you can see that it says:

state bird: Western Meadowlark
state flower: bitteroot

and Montana is called the "Big Sky Country" as well

I admit that i dont have some vast knowledge about where each US state is situated, but with these maps, i think im definitely getting better...with this one ive learned for good that Montana is actually in the north and borders Canada and that it is closer to the west coast than the east....till now i thought Montana was somewhere in the middle of the states...Ill fix that, ill fix that...i promise!

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