Friday, October 3, 2008

Lugano, Switzerland

Another card from a friend, but unfortunately, someone i had lost touch with...and i think its my fault mainly, or at least it was me who was supposed to write back and all....its amazing how lazy i get when i need to reply to a letter or an email, even though i have a lot to say...hence why im always late with my writing to people :((

Kate sent me this card when she went to Lugano for a month or so, due to some traineeship as far as i can recall correctly
To be honest...i have no idea where she is now...she moved to Milano back then and according to logics, she should still be there...but i really dont's the most unpredictable thing ive ever seen....
If it wasnt for her, i wouldnt have had all those Milano cards...and what you've actually seen so far, is just like a small percentage of all my Milano cards...and all the Milano cards I owe are from her actually... I wonder what else my collection would have had if i was still in touch with her...well, i do hope ill get back in touch with her one day...not coz of the cards, but the friendship....we have really had our moments :)

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