Thursday, October 2, 2008

Margarita Island, Venezuela

In case you are a long-term visitor, youve probably seen this card by now...and now you wonder why is it here again...oh and my constant flow of ideas for changes and all...but at least i hope its for the better.. goes the explanation of my sudden drive to bring a card from, the back of the posts, right here...
As you are familiar with it..i started this blog by just uploading postcards...eventually i got bored like that, plus it looked plain and i couldnt feel the thrill, so inspired by a number of other blogs, i decided to start including text as, thing was, i had already a whole bunch of cards uploaded, and i didnt feel like taking them all out and starting this blog from i thought that i will gradually include the text at the older cards as well....well, i did...but that goes way too slowly, and sometimes when i see how much i have to catch up with, it puts me off so i simply lose my entire inspiration to write anything...
so ive decided that instead of writing text for those cards there, ill pull some out and bring them forth....why?
several reasons:
- i like having a greater variety of countries, so some of these older cards can contribute to having a bigger mixture
- I used to scan cards in a lower resolution since it took less time....the resolutuon i use today, takes twice as much time per card, but its worth it, coz the images come out really good...i also used to post these cards in smaller sizes as in general, those images look less appealing to in order to fix that, i re-scan those cards and post them in a decent size as well
- lets face it...what are the chances that people go back lets say, 20 pages in order to see if there is something new? so why post something in the back, where the chances for someone to reads it are scarce?
- postcards which already have comments on them will be left intact where they are...and eventually ill get down to the text :)  well, i just hope there wont be a sudden urge of posting comments on those old cards so that i have to leave them there :)
- well, i just hope you understand my reasons for this and dont mind it :)

ok, after so much ranting in explanations, i think its pointless to actually go into the details about the card...except that its a card my aunt had received from her friend who travels a lot, and of course she gave it to me...unfortunately, the cancellation cant be seen well, and the date my aunt's friend had written is covered by a stamp, so i cant tell from which year this actually is....its been several years as ive had it, but i cant tell for sure how many


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