Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Miracle Called Friendship

Here I am, here I am!!
Well, due to working circumstances, again I havent been able to make an update for several days...not that I actually have zero minutes of free time...but when i have loads of tasks to finish and go to work and all, i just am not in the right frame of mind for uploading postcards...I find doing this as something I enjoy, not something thats a 'must' and has a deadline and all...coz thats more like forced update, not a wanted one and thats now how im doing this...this is something i utterly enjoy, so thats why i want to do it under the right circumstances...just that i havent had a nice decent weekend in a long while...not to mention that i was ill as well, so it was a really unpleasant weekend in general...i even got to the point of feeling depressed...but im ok now...both physically and emotionally...so i guess things are ok :)

This is the second of the two poetry cards I won in a lottery...this one is in English, so I guess its not needed to be doing any re-writes....and i wont go into analyses, thats for sure :)
There aint much to be said about it..everything is already said in the poem itself...
I dedicate this one to all my friends out there...and to everyone who considers themselves as a friend of mine...thank you for everything :)

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