Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Illionois, USA

I got this card along with the Michigan and Iowa map...well, I was expecting Michigan only, but as a surprise i got two extra cards....map cards!!!

This time the back of the card has a list of whats actually seen on the front...its all numbered...in case you cant see the numbers on the picture, first you have the left side covered, with numbers 1-6, 7 and 8 are in the middle, and 9-13 are on the right side

1. Abraham Lincoln - New Salem State Park
2. Old Castle - No. Illinois University
3. Randolph St. - Chicago
4. Downtown Chicago skyline
5. Illinois Waterway
6. Carlyle Suspension Bridge
7. Starved Rock State Park
8. Merchandise Mart - Chicago
9. Black Hawk Statue - Lowden State Park
10. Rock River - Rockford Illinois
11. Church of the Holy Family - Cahokia
12. Grant Memorial Home - Galena
13. Lincoln - Douglas Plaque - Washington Park

hmm, i wonder why they had put 13 entries...ive never felt comfortable with the number 13...pure superstition...though, i dont really pay attention to Friday 13th...but in some other occurences, 13 does make me feel uncomfortable...

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