Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Pärnu, Estonia

This is an official card I received, from a 10 year old this is something which i really like, when young children take up hobbies like this and are interested in other things but computer games and TV and such....Ive seen some other really young children around...and i know that if they come from a non-english speaking country, that in general their parents help them with writing the cards and all...but thats totally ok...i like it when parents try to help their children with things like this, coz like that, they encourage them to keep doing what they are doing...


Pärnu is a city in south-western Estonia on the coast of Pärnu Bay, an inlet of the gulf of Riga in the Baltic Sea. It is a popular summer vacation resort with many hotels, restaurants and large beaches. The Pärnu river flows through the city.
Since 1996 Pärnu has been known as Estonia's Summer Capital.

Now this is interesting...its the second time that I come across a place which is called as the 'summer capital' of a country..first it was the Philippines, with the Baugio this...i wonder how many other countries out there have cities which are called 'summer capitals'....we here, certainly dont :)

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