Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Ok...lets get childish and go back in time when i was one....

I bought this card when i was really little....I have no idea where i had bought it but i know for sure it wasnt here....the text is in Slovenian...so I might have bought it there, though i cant recall going there...the most probable option is that i may have bought it in Croatia, but i cant guarantee...anywya, if anyone has Alf postcards, can you please, pretty please send them to me?? I would love to have them!!

I dont know if you had watched the Alf series, but when i was little, it was one of my favourites...i recently downloaded them and watch them again, even though the humour and all may feel outdated and the whole thing boring compared to all the modern fancy series that are shown nowadays, but personally i still love Alf, and could watch it over and over again....when i was little I actuall wished I had an Alf as a pet, someone who would keep me company and someone i could talk to whenever i felt like it... I guess thats due to the lack of any siblings, so I wanted to replace them with a creature like Alf (or even E.T :))
I cant post whole seasons here, but here are some of the Alf-moments that I wanted to share....Alf just has the facial/body expressions which crack me up and make the humour from back then, still funny to me...


one of my favourite episodes with the asparagus :))

La Cucharacha

some best-of moments:

and in order not clog up the page and its loading, this will be enough in order to introduce you Alf, in case you hadnt known him already...and if you happen to have an Alf-postcard, you know where to send it :)

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