Tuesday, October 28, 2008


A card from my friend Marija Dz...from her visit to Egypt, in the year of i-dont-know-when....she brought me this card from there so there is no stamp cancellation which maybe would have helped me in the discovery...though all it takes is a short phone call to ask her, or that the next time i see her, i ask her for all the years for the trips she had been to, so i can update things here as well...but if right now i know i should do it, when i actually talk to her, it is totally out of my mind...well...its not THAT important, eitherway....

well, ive talked of Egypt a bit already...ill tell you this time what Marija says on the card :)
"The Pyramids are wonderful, the Sphinx is still without a nose and the Red Sea is actually blue" :)))

when i was little I actually was pretty confused of how a sea could be red or yellow or black or even dead :)  Kids :)))

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