Monday, October 27, 2008

Serbia (03)

This past weekend I went on a one day trip to Belgrade...well, I spent a whole day there and another 18 hours or so in travelling back and forth....which is maybe a lot for spending just one day there, but right now i couldnt afford to stay longer, and frankly, it was worth it...more than a lot
I love Belgrade, and spending some time there is always worth initial reason was to attend the book fair but I also wanted to see my uncle and cousin and give them money for the concert ticket I want to go to (coz unfortunately, i cant order the ticket from here) and I just wanted to get away from everything the book fair was a perfect excuse this time...but honestly, next time I decide to go there, i wont be looking for excuses...its enough that the whole place makes me feel good...its like going for a lunch in some other neighbouring town, even though Belgrade is around 450 km away from Skopje...Im adventurous, to trips like this are more than welcomed...

One of the things i also wanted to do was to send a bunch of postcards, but I figured out it was gonna take me all day long to write 30+ postcards so I gave it up...I still feel sorry I  couldnt do it, but with the time i had available, spending it on writing postcards all day just wasnt hopefully next time, when i get to stay longer, i will surprise your mailboxes :)
The Book Fair is rather fascinating, esp. compared to the one we have here. The thing i didnt like was that this year it was IMMENSLY crowded...and when i say 'immensly' i literary mean times i could barely catch breath and felt dizziness and as if i was going to my back started to hurt from all the things my rucksack was full i bought two books which together in total have over 3000 pages and i had to carry that around with me as well....I still feel the pain at my hips from sooo much walking but i dont regret it one bit...i regret i had to go back home so soon
I also met with my uncle and cousin, whom i hadnt seen for ages and they made my day more than enjoyable...they took me to lunch, they walked me around, took me for coffee....eventually i had to rush to the train station coz i risked to miss the train back home...i just didnt feel like going back home...and im really thankful to the heaven and back to them for taking such good care for me and making it all so good...I truly hope i will have a chance soon again to go and this time stay for a couple of days...there are just soooo many things that had to be seen in Belgrade, that one day is more than not enough....I love has some inexplicable charisma that i cant feel in my own town...i love the pulse of life it has....I could go on ranting about it, but the bottom line is simple..Belgrade is just magnificent...

And of course, I got myself a bunch of postcards (and I PROMISE i will send YOU cards as well next time i go there)....and I wouldnt have felt so thrilled about them if at this one place i didnt see the two cards im posting today....two FLAG cards....can you imagine my reaction when I saw them? I didnt even ask for the price...just took them....a Serbian flag card....who would have thought i would find this??!!
I just feel so happy and content about it

well, lets say a word or two about the flag itself....if anyone actually reached reading to this point  :)

he "main" flag of Serbia is vertically divided red-blue-white with the national coat of arms shifted to the hoist (state flag). WhenMontenegro seceded from the federation, someone, somehow decided that the state flag should be hoisted in front of the UN building. Restaurants, gas stations, sport supporters, all automaticaly started to use the flag with the coat of arms.
Civil vessels on rivers Danube and Sava use the state flag, with some minor exceptions using the flag without the coat of arms.

- the ratio of the flag shall be 1.5:1.
- the coat of arms shall be skewed to the left by 1/7 of the flag width from the center. (The text says to the left, which strictly means that two sides are not the same, when the hoist is to the viewers right, but it is not the case in practice, it should be stated "1/7 to the hoist")
- The use of Pantone scale colours is recommended.
Process colours are used in standard four colour offset printing (CMYK).
Colours shown on this page are not completely precise as original, so numeric values are enclosed.
The civil national flag of Serbia is horizontally divided red-blue-white, in proportion 2:3. The Serbian tricolour dates from 1835 and is based on the Russian colours


david santos said...

Excellent posting! I love it! Congartulations! Have a nice week.

LaY hOoN said...

You sure enjoy yourself there.
Wish next time , you have time to send us the postcard :)