Monday, September 8, 2008

Tallinn, Estonia (02)

A really nice card showing an orthodox church in Tallinn, built by Russian Czar at the time when Estonia was still a part of the Russian wonder it reminds me of some Russian churches ive seen (one in St. Petersburg in particular). The style is really familiar...

The church itself is simply beautiful...what i REALLY love about this card is the contrast of the church colour against the sky....white against blue is probably one of my favourite colour combinations. From outside my window, i can see three tall buildings...all certain times, when the sky colour has this particular shade of blue, and the sun shines AT the buildings...their colour against the sky is simply amazing...its the same when some white birds can be seen in the sky....yeah, i do have a very soft spot for the blue colour.


Gabby Girl said...

I don't know what it is with Tallinn cards, but this is the second one I have seen where the sky looks completely fake. I've got my Tallinn card on my blog, if you wish to compare.

Maybe it is real, but it sure looks photoshoped to me.

Ana said...

i so much loved that blue sky colour, that even though it seemed somewhat unnatural to me, i didnt think of photoshop until you mentioned it (yeah, i guess i was blinded :P :P :P)

i did check your Tallinn card, and its funny what a similar sky-style it has :)