Sunday, September 7, 2008

Bodrum, Turkey (02)

A card showing a night-view of Bodrum, brought to me by a friend some years ago...2003 if i can recall correctly...

Bodrum is a famous tourism city which has the first underwater archaeology museum of Turkey in its gorgeous castle inherited from Rhodes Knights. The oldest known name of it is Halikarnas (Halicarnassus). In ancient times, Halikarnas was a city of Karya covering the whole Mugla and some part of Aydin. According to Homer epics, people called Karyas and Lelegs lived in this country. Karyas joined the 10-year Troy War beside Trojans.
The main works of art in Bodrum are the mausoleum of Mausolos, the Roman age theatre and Bodrum Castle. (which you can see on the postcard).
The castle consisting of three walls and five towers one within the other is seen everywhere in Bodrum. It is used as museum today. Besides the underwater foundlings, underground foundlings, uncovered around Bodrum, take place in the museum, too. The Mycenaean age vases dated as 14th – 12th centuries BC and unearthed in Ortakent (Müsgebi) are exhibited in the Gothic church in the castle. These are the most valuable Mycenaean works of art except the ones in Greece. In the same place, there are vases belonging to the oldest Dor settlement known in Anatolia and dated as 9th – 8th centuries BC and uncovered in Gökçebel (Dirmil) in Bodrum region and there is a tomb dated as 9th century BC and made out of terra-cotta. The sections, in which the valuable and unique works of art removed from the underwater are exhibited, are the most interesting areas of the museum. In the past, the pots called amphora and got caught in the fishnets of the spongers and fishers were being used in order to cool water at home or sold. Also, the Underwater Archeology Museum takes place in Bodrum Castle. Here, the bronze piles and the tools removed from a sunken belonging to the Bronze Age are exhibited.

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