Monday, September 8, 2008

Sveti Stefan, Montenegro (02)

A woman gave this card to my mum when she went to Montenegro few years ago...of course, my mum gave the card to me...

its a rather huge card...both in height and shows one of the touristic places in Montenegro, Sveti Stefan (or St. Stefan, in English).
It used to be a tidal island, but is now permanently connected to the mainland by a narrow isthmus. (Gibraltar is also connected to Spain by an isthmus).

Ive been to St. Stefan once or twice...but unfortunately, i cant invoke any particular memories about it. I never actually resided there, but  just went on a one day stay. This is mainly coz St. Stefan is actually considered to be the most exclusive resort in Montenegro, so it takes a rather deeper pocket to be able to afford a decent stay there.
I dont know if i believe in coincidences or not, but in my last few posts, they do take a great deal...i have just read that as of September 8 2008, St. Stefan is closed while being completely renovated. While closed, the beaches north and south of the island are open to anyone along with beach side parking which costs 12 Euros. Local sources predict Sveti Stefan will re-open late 2009.

I had totally no idea about this, and picked up this postcard at a very random...i wondered if i should maybe show a card of Budva or some other place in Montenegro, and eventually my choice fell on wouldnt have been so weird if September 8th wasnt actually today!

12 Euros for parking...thats a real wonder its considered exclusive.


Evelien said...

I love postcards from Montenegro. They are always very beautiful.

Ana said...

hmmmmm, i hope you wont get disappointed when one day i manage to post all my postcards from Montenegro...and i have like 30 or 40 in queue :)

Evelien said...

Hehe, i'm looking forward to it. ;)