Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Rotorua, New Zealand

Such a great and cool and unusual card!

"This is a volcanic country and bubbling pools of mud are a feature around Rotorua, the area with the most geothermal activity"

If i had this in front of me, i think i can spend an entire day by making all kind of different shapes and figures in it...with just one small moving it across the mud in whatever direction you want, you can come up with an endless number of interesting patterns...or burst the bubbles created :)
This just invokes the creativity from within me.....I really could spend hours and hours and hours getting "artistic"...well, i actually suck at art, but in here, you just need to be creative and express that without having the actual 'drawing/painting' capabilities...coz i dont...frankly, on several occasions at school, my dad did my drawings for the art-class, just so that i get some decent grade...coz if it was left up to me, i would have probably failed :)
Its considered as cheating, no? :)

Ok...see you soon...hopefully tomorrow!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Ana!
This is Vera from Saint Petersburg. It is nice that you post not only the postcards that you receive but the descriptions and your thoughts...and you put them in quite artistic way...i read a lot of your comments and had a great time.