Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Philippines (05)

And here is an update for today...i promised you yesterday im gonna try my best to make it today..and here it is :)  Though i should be working actually, but at this point i feel really tired and i thought to relax myself with this first and then ill proceed to what needs to be done....i cant get away from it either way

This card from the Philippines came as a total surprise since i didnt expect it...well, it aint a RAS, it doesnt say its one, so i cant label it like that, hence the category of surprises
It comes from Kris...the one who sent me both the cards from Costa Rica and Nicaragua....thing is i had no idea he had gone back home to the Philippines and more over that he would send me a card...thanks Kris! :) Even though we all hoped you would actually make a trip to Panama so we can stalk you for postcards from there....hehehheheheheheee :))))))

The card shows the Philippines' Tricycle....its like a symbol of the Philippines I guess.
It is three wheeler motor-rickshaw commonly used in the Philippines as mode of transportation on short distances. They can be found in every city, town or village. Tricycles are part of the Filipino wat of living, and moving around without them would be difficult.

Hmm, well...ive never been to the Philippines, so i cant say what is it like to be taking a ride in one...its funny to actually see the people sitting on the roof...not a very common way of seeing people being transported...at least not here. I wonder how it is to be on the inside...from this perspective seems as if it feels packed...but i dont know
If possible, i would like someone who had had a ride in this or actually uses it often, to share the experience....im really curious....

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Bradpetehoops said...

15 passengers in most remote area. 1 to 4 only in urban areas.