Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Barcelona, Spain (03)

A friend of mine brought this one to me from her honeymoon...

Its a friend I can say ive practically known for my entire life..we went to kindergarden together...we went to primary school together, in the same separated during high-school, and without any intentional purpose, we ended up together at university...and i was something like a bridesmaid at her wedding! :)
Well, i sometimes think that for such traditional events, we have way too much people involved, and im not really certain what are their corresponding English equivalents...or if the English vocabulary has ANY in the first place...but well, at least you get the picture :)

Just that, now this made me wonder if she had ever dropped by at this blog or no...i havent really been going with a fluorescent ad around my neck about it....and i dont think she has ever mentioned something about it (like a comment, critic, question...) my guess is 'no'....well, if she ever gets to comment on this card, means she had seen it :P

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