Monday, September 29, 2008

Rajasthan, India

Catching the last train for today's update...its 11pm, and i feel as tired as hell, but i want to make an update, and i dont want to leave it for tomorrow, coz frankly, tomorrow another update can be done, no? :)

This card here shows the Pushkar, which is a temple town in the state of Rajasthan, India.
Pushkar means born due to a flower. In Hindu mythology it is said that the gods released a swan with a lotus in its beak and let it fall on earth where Brahma would perform a grand yagna. The place where the lotus fell was called Pushkar.
It is often called "Tirth Raj" - the king of pilgrimage sites - and has in recent years become a popular destination for foreign tourists.
It lies on the shore of Pushkar Lake. It has five principal temples, many smaller temples and 52 ghats where pilgrims descend to the lake to bathe in the sacred waters.
One of the primary temples is the 14th century temple dedicated to Brahma, the Hindu God of creation.
 It stands on a high plinth with the Marble steps leading up to it. A silver turtle is set on the floor facing the Sanctum-Sanctorum or Girbha-griha. Around the turtle the Marble floor is inset with hundreds of silver coins. Coins engraved with donors names are also embedded in the walls. Peacocks adorn the temple walls as they are supposed to be the vehicle of lord Brahma's consort Saraswati. A small image of the milkmaid Gayatri, flanks the four-faced image of lord Brahma and is called Chaumurti The sanctuary has silver doors inside a carved marble gateway.

Some of the other temples are: Savitri Temple, Varah Temple, Mahadeva Temple and Ramavaikunth Temple (hope I spelled the last one correctly :))

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