Monday, September 29, 2008

Yellowstone National Park, USA

Im totally in love with this card...ill tell you later why..

This is the Yellowstone National Park in the belongs to Montana, Idaho and Wyoming, so i didnt label it under a state (though the greatest percentage of the ownership go to Wyoming).

I love cards with short info on their just feels as something personal related info to be written about the card...

Yellowstone National Park

The mammoth hot springs area contains many examples of constantly changing geology at work. Approximately 500 gallons of hot water per minute carry an estimated two tons of a form of dissolved limestone to the surface per day to create these delicate features.

Well, these delicate features to me seem as a delicious Vanilla Ice large large amounts...seriously, from the very first time i looked at this card, the first image that came to my mind is a tasty Vanilla Ice Cream, which simply melts in your mouth!  Ok, it has become obvious by now that i often see images on postcards as some kind of food....i wonder if thats normal :)

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