Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Kaghan, Pakistan

Mmmm....Pakistan....my first card from Pakistan...country no. 83....

The card shows Kaghan, a valley in the Mansehra District of the North-West frontier Province in Pakistan.
It has a reputation as a place of great natural beauty.
he Kaghan valley is named for the town of Kaghan rather than for the Kunhar River which flows through the length of the valley. The Valley extends for 155 km rising from an elevation of 2,134 metres to its highest point, the Babusar Pass at 4,173 metres. The local population is friendly and easygoing and speaks Hindko (a language spoken by the hill people in Hazara), Pushto and/or Urdu.

Its mountains, dales, lakes, water-falls, streams and glaciers are still in an unbelievable pristine state. It is indeed an unspoiled paradise! This is why it can be a deeply satisfying experience to spend a few days in Kaghan.

Does seem like a nice place indeed....it would be nice to actually have a chance to visit it....

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