Tuesday, September 23, 2008

North Carolina, USA (02)

And another totally unexpected, surprise card, from dear Gaby....well, that comment at the post about Vienna did reveal something, but it something i didnt expect at all....more over, its according to my tastes, coz it shows lighthouses....thank you Gaby a whole bunch! :)

You know...when i got into this postcard-exchange thing, i actually got into it with the idea to send/receive cards only....i didnt have the slightest idea i would get to know such nice people with whom i would actually have contact beyond postacrds only...i guess thats why i got even more addicted to this postcard thing, coz postcards sent from those people have a greater depth than just a postcard only...i think you know what i mean...
Thank you all...you know who you are! :)

North Carolina Lighthouses

For centuries, lighthouses have been erected to protect ships and guide them safely away from low shoals. Each lighthouse has individual markings, making it readilly identifiable from a distance. Advancements in technology have made the lighthouse obsilete, but most are open to the tourists and visitors, providing a historic view of times gone by.

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Gabby Girl said...

:) Glad you liked it. You are very welcome.