Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Venice, Italy (06)

Here is a card i bought during my European trip

I dont know if we got the wrong time, but i wasnt impressed much of Venice...when we went there, the weather in general was cold and rainy and windy...so i guess i couldnt expereince Venice the right way.
Well, at least I did get tonz of cards from there, so Venice is one of those places from where i have so many cards that frankly, im not craving to receive another one :)

This card shows an exceptional high-tide on St. Marco's square...so exceptional, that i dont know if im seeing right or no, but that guy on the card...is he actually walking through the water? Thats insane!! Unless something's wrong with my eyes and im not seeing it properly...the funny thing is that he is sooo calm about it and keeps walking as if he is going on an everyday trekking....i dont know...maybe for me its insane...for Venetians it may be a normal every day sight...

well, thats all for today...i need to get back to work...and go to work again later in the evening..i hate this scattered schedule im having, but i guess i dont have much of a choice but to put up with it...

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