Saturday, September 27, 2008

Danshuei, Taiwan

My last card for today comes from Andrea in Taiwan, who saw this one in my wish list and wanted to surprise me, and send it to me....and I was more than pleasantly surprised indeed...esp. since I really really love this card! Thank you Andrea, a lot lot lot lot lot!!! :)

The card shows Danshuei, which is a city along the Danshuei River and a popular place to go to at the weekends, to eat, shop and enjoy the scenery.
Well, if the scenery is INDEED as the one on the card, then there is no doubt its enjoyable...ive found some other pictures of Danshuei river and they all actually have this tone of mixed blue and purple...probably thats why i loved this card in the first place...coz of the tones of the colours....they are just sooo sooo beautiful.

Well, i tried to provide this post with some more info on Danshuei, but im either too lazy too google more, or i just really cant come up with some more info...well, at least, enjoy the scenery!

Ill see you tomorrow...thats for sure :))
Wanna know why? You'll have to drop by :)))))   (that rhyme was totally spontaneous :))

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