Thursday, September 25, 2008

Vilnius, Lithuania (02)

Well, i just had a class postponed, so i have like an hour free and ive decided to make an update here...well, if i was informed about this earlier, the update would have already been done by now, but oh least i can do it...honestly, if i could, i wouldnt be going to work at all tonight coz its raining cats and dogs outside...i already got soaked twice (last night and this morning) and im definitely gonna get soaked again...umbrellas just dont help sometimes....its impossible for them to protect you against reckless drivers


This is an official card I got from Lithuania...believe it or not, it took me almost all day until i actually realized it was an official...since i was expecting a swap card from there, i thought it was it...i found it odd there was no name but i thought it got covered under the "Prioritaire" sticker...and by a total accident in the evening (the day i got the card) i noticed an ID....funny thing is, the ratio of my received cards, had already overcome the sent ones, so i wasnt at all even expecting an official, but there you go :)

The card here shows St.Anne's Church, which is a Roman Catholic church in the old town of Vilnius, and hence, it makes it a UNESCO whs. It is situated on the right bank of the Vilnia river and is a prominent example of both Flamboyant Gothic and Brick Gothic styles.

The sender says that he likes to have quite a few beers nearby, in a big park, just that its become forbidden.
This made me laugh, coz in our park here (the biggest one) young people enjoy sitting on the grass and having a drink...and it is a nice feeling to be with some friends, have a chat in the fresh open air, with some music coming from the clubs in the vicinity, and have some wine, or whatever you are drinking....i totally cant stand beer, dont know why...neither any clean alcohol...mixed with juice, yup, tastes good...but pure alochol, a-a...just feels too strong for me, and not at all appealing...

well...the summer's no park-gatherings until next season...the autumn arrived way too quickly, and way too unexpectedly this year....its been raining for days, its cold-freezing (10 degrees) which for September is just, even in October, the temperatures are around 30 degrees....I dont like the heat, but i dont like this weather right now either...esp. not when i need to go somewhere...if i could stay at home i probably wouldnt have minded too much...

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Gabby Girl said...

I hate beer, too. Never too a liking to it, and I even tried.

On Postcrossing I've Sent: 41 and Received: 31. I've been waiting a long time for new postcards to arrive. I only had 2 arrive a few days ago, and before that it has been a while.